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Festival Rules

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The girls festival will consist of three games.


Game Timing: All games will be 20 minute running clock with a 5 minute halftime. Referee will start the game as close to the top of each hour as possible.  All games will end at 45 minutes past the hour, regardless of score or any delayed start. [1]    

Time Outs: One - one minute time out is allowed per team, per game, if desired. Game clock does not stop. No timeouts during last five minutes of any game. Play will stop in event of an injury, and game clock will continue. If injury occurs in last five minutes of play, the ref can extend the game no more than one minute at the ref' s discretion.

Appropriate Conduct: Please ensure that the coaches, parents and players are always appropriate to other teams, coaches, players and to our referees. Any foul language, inappropriate comments will not be tolerated and people may be asked to leave the school property.

Please relay this to your team managers and parents!

(3/4 Grade)

                         7v7 no Goalie.

                         Draw after each goal.

                         4 Run differential-lower scoring team gets ball at center

                         3 Second closely guarding rule in effect.

                         No follow-thru on shot for goal. Goal will be taken away.

                        Two completed Pass Rule in effect. No Player can score more than 3 times.

 Coach cannot be on field.

             Emphasis is on dangerous contact and unsportsmanlike play are major fouls.

 (5/6 Grade)

             11 v 11 plus Goalie.

             Two completed Pass Rule in effect

             No Player can score more than 3 times 

             No checking

             3 Second closely guarding rule in effect

             Draw after each goal

             No follow-through on shot for goal.

             Carded Player, must leave for 2 mins (yellow) or 4 mins (red). A Sub must take her place.

             Goalie cannot step back into goal once outside her circle. Ball has to touch another stick or Player take. Ten second count for Goalie. No deputy Goalie.


             11 v 11 plus Goalie

             Modified checking (below shoulder) Full Field, Goalie, No Deputy Goalie allowed

             No count passes, but Player cannot score more than 3 times. This Player may remain in game.

             4 Run differential.  Lower scoring team gets the ball center

             No follow-through into goal circle on shot.

 Carded Player, must leave for 2 mins (yellow) or 4 mins (red). A Sub must take her place.

****If there is a weather delay (the school will be open if shelter is needed), we will start games at the next available hour.  Meaning, if we are forced to stop at 12:15, we will try to start again at 1:00 pm.  Check in at registration tent or call/text Carla at 517-290-4829 or Jackie at 989-723-3050 .****


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