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Coaches & Managers

We encourage all coaches, parents and players to read and be familiar with the expectations and conduct expected from those representing Okemos Lacrosse.

Participating in the sport of lacrosse is one of the fastest, most challenging and most exciting times you will have in your life, but it will take hard work and discipline.

Our programs are designed to develop player skills and knowledge of the GAME of Lacrosse. While playing games is a part of the learning experience- having a winning record is not the primary objective of this program. We are all interested in doing our best, and that includes all aspects of our lives; at school, at home and on the field.

Our players are all STUDENT-athletes. The student role should take precedence over all else. We will be developing player skills, fostering teamwork, challenging ourselves physically and mentally while learning and having fun in the process. Our philosophy within the Okemos Lacrosse Club is to produce better citizens. Parents and players should all keep that in mind. 

Four Basic Principles:  

  1. Sportsmanship - We win against our opponent with speed and skill, not cheap shots and penalties! Foul language, talking down to our teammates or opponents, their coaches or fans, the officials, or intentional penalties (called by an official or not) will not be tolerated! Players who cannot follow this guideline will sit out periods, run laps, and/or receive game suspensions. Even once you make the team, it is not your RIGHT to play, it is a PRIVILEGE.
  2. Never Give Up! - Regardless of the score, every player will give 100% of their ability, and will never be criticized by teammates for making a mistake.
  3. Develop your skills - While winning is one of our clear objectives, it isn't everything. We are playing to develop our skills and become better players. Promise yourself, tomorrow you will play better than you did today!
  4. Have fun and love the game! - Remember this is a game and it should be fun.

Every coach and parent are reminded that we are relying on you to set the best example for our players. Any player or parent who does not live up to this may be asked to leave the program by his/her coach or the Club director(s).

Please always remember that this is about the kids.

US Lacrosse Annual Coaches Background Check

As of October 15, 2018, anyone who joins US Lacrosse or renews as an adult coach member must initiate a national background screening through NCSI within 10 days. Failure to do so will result in a suspended membership, voiding the insurance coverage benefit and eligibility to coach with a USL member group. This is a requirement as part of the Safe Sport Authorization Act. This law was enacted by Congress in early 2018 to protect minors by expanding mandatory reporting regulations, awareness and prevention training, and instilling policies that limit one-on-one interaction.


Thank you for your support!