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The Okemos Lacrosse Club is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide middle school and elementary youth within the Okemos School District opportunities to participate in the game of lacrosse. The Club was founded in 2001 by Shawn Grady and Dale Rolley (and 25 enthusiastic boys and their families).  The Club is independent of the Okemos School District.

Spring 2020 Update

Based on the Governor's decision to extend the stay-at-home order and closing school buildings, and the MHSSA's decision to cancel Spring sports, it is with great sadness that the Okemos Lacrosse Club has decided to officially cancel the middle school and elementary seasons as well.  

We know if your kids feel like our kids that this will be really difficult for them as it is another missed opportunity to spend time with their friends, to get better as a player, and to learn the important lessons of sport.  We think the only saving grace is to know that one day soon all this will pass and our kids will be running up and down lacrosse fields again. 

We also know that with missing an entire season of development, it will be important for your daughter or son to think of ways to make up for lost time.  Finding a wall, playing catch while in lockdown with a family member, watching videos of drills, all will help.   The club is also in the process of thinking through options that we might offer later in the summer or fall. 


Thank you for your support!

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