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Frequently Asked Questions

The Okemos Lacrosse Club is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide kids within the Okemos School District opportunities to participate in the game of lacrosse. The Club was founded in 2001 by Shawn Grady and Dale Rolley (and 25 enthusiastic boys and their families).  The Club is independent of the Okemos School District, however we follow all the rules of the Okemos High School Athletic Code for eligibility and conduct and all MHSAA rules.  


Q: When is the lacrosse season?
A: The lacrosse season begins mid March and ends in early June.

Q: What do my registration fees pay for?
A: Registration fees cover a variety of costs, including, but not limited to field rentals/maintenance/lining, officials, team equipment, league dues, busses for the High School players and coaching stipends for some of our coaches.

Q: Why does lacrosse cost so much compared to some of the other school sports?
A: The entire program is funded through donations, fundraising and player fees as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We try to do the best on donations and fundraising to keep the player fees as low as we can and still provide a great program for the kids. Unlike football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, baseball, softball, etc., lacrosse was added as a high school sport only a few years ago. When it was added, in this current environment of budget emergencies, the school board approved it only under the stipulation that it be run as a self-funded sport; i.e., at no cost to the district. Therefore, the club pays for everything, including all the equipment (except for the player's personal equipment), field maintenance, tournament fees, officials, and (at the high school) for busses to away contests.

Q: Do I still have to pay the player fee if I've already paid the Okemos Athletic Fee?
A: Unfortunately, yes.  As outlined above, the Okemos Lacrosse Club is an independent, not-for-profit organization that was created to fund and manage the youth lacrosse program in Okemos.  The Athletic Registration Fee collected by the schools goes to help fund the programs that they run; i.e., those that were in existence prior to lacrosse coming to Okemos.  If you wish to play one of the school-funded sports, you will need to pay the Athletic Registration Fee. If lacrosse is the only sport you play, you don't need to pay both fees, only the Okemos Lacrosse fee.  If you play lacrosse in addition to one of the school funded sports, you would need to pay both the school fee and the lacrosse fee. 
Q: How do I register my player?
A: Use this Web site to register your player. You will find everything you need to know about registration on this site by following the Registration button to the left. Please set your computer to accept cookies prior to registration, as this site will not work without them.

Q: How many days each week will my player be involved in games or practice?
A: 5th-8th grade players will generally be participating in practice or games on 3-4 days per week. Practice and local games (Lansing area) will be on weekday afternoons/evenings and there will be some away games or festivals on weekends.
    High School players should expect to be practicing or playing games every weekday. There will be some weekend games or festivals. Check the Schedules page (off the Home page) for details.

Q: Are there "cuts"?
A: For middle school participants, there are no "cuts". Everyone who participates in practices will play a "fair" amount in games. Due to the complexity of player rotation and variation of the different positions in the game of lacrosse, there isn't an easy way to create exactly equal playing time for all the participants. Sometimes, the flow of the game requires that special teams (man-up or man-down) are in the game for extra time during a game. This could cause an inequality and there's nothing that can be done to rectify it during that game. Please note that the definition of "fair" may include shorter time for players who didn't participate in practices that week. Please trust that the coaches will be making their best efforts to provide fair playing time for every participant. It may be short for one game and long for another.

For Freshman and Junior Varsity teams, there haven't yet been "cuts", but every year this depends upon the number of players who try out.  There is no guarantee that all players can be accommodated. If players are "cut", a full refund of their fees will be made.  Play time will vary, as this is a much more competitive level than middle school lacrosse. Every player will play on these teams, but we can pretty much guarantee that it won't be equal time for all players.

For the Varsity teams, there is the possibilty that 12th grade players will be told that they didn't make the Varsity team, and they are not eligible to play on the other teams (we cannot place 12th graders on any team other than Varsity). I this case, those players will be give a refund of their fees paid.

Q: Can high school players earn a Varsity Letter for playing lacrosse?
A: Yes. Both boys and girls lacrosse is considered a "Varsity Club" sport at Okemos High School. This means that players who make the Varsity teams can earn Varsity Letters for their participation.

Please click the link to read the Parent/ Athlete code of conduct - Okemos Athletic Department Parent-Athlete Handbook


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