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Scholarship (Fee Waiver) & Refund Policy

High School families inquiring about  fee assistance should contact the OHS Athletic Director (Contact Information).  Please refer to the Parent-Athlete Handbook ( pg 4-5 ) for qualification details.

For each student athlete, Middle and Elementary School, families are required to pay an annual Okemos Lacrosse registration fee before the student may begin tryouts/practice for the Okemos Lacrosse Club team.  The Okemos Lacrosse fee and online registration must be completed before the first day of practice. No student will be allowed to participate prior to this being completed. 

OLC Scholarship (Fee Waiver)

The Okemos Lacrosse Club (OLC) has set up a scholarship program to help families in financial need so that every student has the opportunity to play Okemos lacrosse.  Parents can apply for an OLC Scholarship by emailing the scholarship committee at   Students who meet the federal guidelines for free or reduced lunch program can be awarded an OLC scholarship that will reduce fees.  This can be paid in installments if necessary. Please complete the Scholarship Application Form below.

Fees can be mailed to:  Okemos Lacrosse Club, PO Box 217, Okemos, MI  48805

Please contact Steve Chermak ( or email prior to tryouts for more information.  No student will be ineligible to participate in the Okemos Lacrosse program solely due to the inability to pay the Okemos Lacrosse fee.  

If you would like to request a scholarship - please complete the following Scholarship Application and you will be contacted. Fee waiver application information and alternative payment arrangements shall be confidential in nature. 

OLC Refund Policy:

Payment of the Okemos Lacrosse fee does not guarantee membership on a team nor imply that a student-athlete will receive playing time. The Okemos Lacrosse fee for a student-athlete who is cut or resigns from a team will be refunded to the family under the following conditions: 


1. The Lacrosse Board will approve all registration fee refunds for a student-athlete who has been cut and/or for a student-athlete who leaves a team.   
2. Students will be eligible for a full or partial refund of athletic fees due to being cut and/or leaving a team under the following conditions. 
Conditions for Refund Amount of Refund 
A. Student-athlete is cut from the squad by the coach = 100%
B. Student-athlete quits the squad:

  • First day through tenth day of practice 100%
  • Remainder of the season 0%

C. Student-athlete is dropped for disciplinary reason and/or Code of Conduct Violation (Absolutely no exceptions)  0% 
Students/parents may contact the Okemos Lacrosse Club for additional information or clarification at


Thank you for your support!

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